It’s All Happening
Growing up, my family had three CDs that we seemed to listen to on repeat; Queen, Fall Out Boy, and of course, The Jonas Brothers. Having these tracks playing daily became a core memory for me, and I quickly grew passionate about all aspects of music. I grew into a die-hard fan of more bands than I’d like to admit, and over the years I became obsessed with wanting to know more and be involved with the scene. Music led me to photography, and my camera became a point of access for me. I fell in love with the ability to capture moments within the music scene to share with the fans.
My book, It’s All Happening, is loosely a documentary of a single band, Written By Wolves, as they tour New Zealand. However, it is also a documentary about a fangirl in the music scene who has become somewhat of an insider. It is a look into my own experience as I share moments that stood out to
me, someone who isn’t entirely acclimated to these environments, moments that probably seem mundane to those who are well-versed in the live music scene. It’s All Happening focuses on the behind-the-scenes moments: travelling, sound checks, lunch breaks, pre-show rituals, and inside jokes. Moments that others would never have had the chance to witness otherwise. It is for the music devotees who, like me, want to know more, see more, and be a part of more.
coming soon...
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